Categories: Site Launch
      Date: Aug 20, 2008
     Title: Launch of Camp Del-Ja-Ri

I've been working on the Camp Del-Ja-Ri website for quite a while whenever I got a free moment, and I finally got it launched. This is a soft launch, so expect many updates.

Camp Del-Ja-Ri is a camp for kids with arthritis and other rhumatic diseases. This project is special to me because I have been a counselor there for about 5 years now.

The goal of the site is to bring in more kids and to keep the kids connected to the camp in the year in-between sessions. I'm trying to establish a sort of year-round comunity by including lots of pictures and points of contact. The site is built on WordPress, eventually a SMF forum. I went this route to make it easy to update and ease communication.

Expect many upates to this site as I feel that I have to put some time into it to make it great and accomplish our goal.